Jordi Matas began his professional career as an architect, after completing a master’s degree in Architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB). He worked for two architecture studios in Barcelona prior to moving to New York City, where he lived and worked as an architect until 2007.

Jordi had been long interested and active in photography, and it was in NYC when he decided to slowly turn his passion of photography and traveling, into a profession. He spent some years exploring and photographing throughout Asia, and in 2009 he settled in South Africa and began his career as a freelance photographer, working with various media and humanitarian organisations. Jordi’s work has taken him to over 70 countries, a majority of which are within Africa the Middle East and Asia. His work has been published in Time Magazine, National Geographic Serbia, Newsweek, The Economist, Vanity Fair, Stern, The Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC or Vogue among others.


Jordi is currently based in Istanbul, where he combines his curiosity for the city with his work overseas, mostly documenting humanitarian issues. His interest in architecture, street-life, people and their cultures – continues to grow through his work.



Based in Istanbul, Turkey.
Mobile: +90 539 479 1901 (while in Turkey)

Mobile: +27 715 54 6760 (while traveling and not in Turkey)
Email: jordi.matas@gmail.com or info@jordimatas.me
Po Box: Jordi Matas Castello, PK / 313, Beyoglu, 34431, Istanbul, Turkey


General Work Portfolio: www.JordiMatas.me
Humanitarian Work Portfolio: www.JordiMatas.net


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